Instructors and Classes

Jennifer Scott

IMG_4314Jennifer Scott is a singer and pianist born in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She specializes in jazz, blues, and world music. She is considered one of the more important jazz artists working in Canada and the United States today. As well as being a performer, she arranges and writes jazz and pop tunes, with several CDs containing a combination of original tunes, tunes she has arranged, and more traditional tunes. She has also appeared on many CBC recordings and has worked with many other musicians both live and in studio

Brian Tate

Brian Tate small colorBrian Tate is a Vancouver vocalist, composer/arranger and choral conductor. Brian directs the 100-voice City Soul Choir and gives choir and singing workshops worldwide. Many of his choral works have been published and his music is performed internationally. Brian performs as a jazz vocalist and sings with the world music a cappella vocal trio “TriVo”. He also teaches singing and choir at Studio 58, Langara College’s professional theatre school.

Karla Mundy

21-1Karla Mundy is a vibrant, soulful and diverse vocalist, pianist, arranger and choir leader. Karla directs Rhythm ‘n’ Roots and Harmony Mountain Singers in Vancouver, the Island Soul Choir on Vancouver Island and EarthSounds on Bowen Island. Karla leads harmony singing workshops throughout BC and organizes many singing camps, workshops and singing study trips abroad.  Karla is a founding member of the No Sh!t Shirleys, TriVo, Cleia and Plough. She released her first solo CD called ‘Way Back’ in 2012 and is a Mom!


Class#1 Fri eve, Sat and Sun AM
Masterclass (Brian); South African/Gospel (Karla) ; Improv (Jennifer)
Class #2 Sat, Sun PM and Mon AM
Feel the beat (Brian); Appalachian (Karla); Jazz/Blues (Jennifer)

Jennifer Scott 

Sing Between the Notesw/Jennifer Scott

Do you want to step into the spotlight and take that solo? In this class we will learn to improvise around the melody, finding exciting ideas “on the fly”. We’ll practice scales and melodic riffs to get comfortable with making that solo a unique personal expression. Repertoire will include pop, jazz, gospel and R&B.

Am I Blue? w/ Jennifer Scott

In this class we will do an overview of some examples from the jazz/blues standard repertoire (with a few surprises, too!) and learn the nuances and techniques that make both these genres so exciting and enriching for any singer.

Part theory, but mostly just singing together and enjoying this beautiful music!

Vocal Warm Up: w/ Jennifer Scott

Every morning we will spend 30 minutes doing some vocal calisthenics getting ready for a day of singing. Breath work, flexibility, tone production and ease of singing through the ‘seams’ in the voice will be explored and troubleshot. Comprehensive MP3 warmups will be made available to SongWest participants.

Brian Tate 

Feel The Beat! – World Rhythms and Songs with Brian Tate 

Experience the passion and power of songs and rhythms from around the world. You’ll learn to clap, speak, play, and sing fundamental African and Afro-Cuban rhythms, as well as build layers of West African polyrhythms. Rhythms will be combined with easy-to-learn songs from oral traditions to complete the experience. Some percussion instruments provided, feel free to bring your own as well!

Singer’s Masterclass w/ Brian Tate

A safe and fun space to take a risk, connect with your audience, build confidence, and bring honesty and emotional depth to the songs you sing, and to your ongoing process as a singer. Come prepared with a song of your choice memorized. Please bring sheet music or a chord chart.

Karla Mundy

Appalachian Harmony Singing w/ Karla Mundy 

Singing together with bright and resonate “laser beam” harmonies and the ‘high lonesome sound’, we will be exploring Appalachian harmony singing. We will be learning these beautiful and rich songs in two and three part harmonies  – showing you the process of finding the harmonies yourself and giving you the tools to create your own harmonies in the right style. We will draw on some 3-part old-time and bluegrass repertoire and some two part ‘Brother Harmonies’.

South African Choral Singing and African American Gospel w/ Karla Mundy 

We will explore some songs from these two powerful, beautiful and rich vocal harmony traditions. We will work on style, technique and sound while learning about these incredible songs, their history and context. These songs will move and inspire you – all are welcome!