1) How do the teepees work? Teepees can accommodate 4-5 people – Fircom provides mattresses and you bring your own sleeping bag and pillow. The mattresses are laid down on the raised wooden floor. Think sleep over/slumber party! You will be close and cozy. If you have a group of 4-5 people, there would be no extra cost. If you have 3 people – you would each be charged $80 extra.

2) How can I pay in instalments?
You can send Karla post-dated cheques spread out between Jan 5th-June 1st. You must send Karla $100 initially to reserve your spot by the end of January.
3) What classes are best suited for beginners/less experienced singers?
– The Singing Soul (with David Hatfield)
-A Capella Singing (with Sam Taylor and Karla Mundy)
-See It Sing It! (with Dawn Pemberton) if you want to learn how to read music
– Bluegrass Singing (with Jenny Lester and Karla)
– Hummin and Strummin (even if you don’t play ukelele)
 – Improv Choir with David and Jennifer
4) Are there any Bed & Breakfasts available near Fircom? No, Fircom is on the south eastern corner of Gambier and there is no road access to New Brighton or most of the rest of the island. There are no accommodation rentals in the near vicinity.
5) Can I bring my own boat to Fircom? You can, but there is no mooring on the government dock. You can anchor in Fircom Bay or Halkett Bay, however you will have to bring a dinghy and paddle in.
6) Where can I tent? There are several lovely tenting areas in the forest and in more open areas.
7) Can I come for part of the camp? This event is all or nothing. We will have additional boats in emergency circumstances but otherwise we expect participants to stay for the duration of the program.
8) Can I bring my dog? Unless you have an assistance/service animal, animals are not permitted.
9) Is the accommodation wheelchair accessible? Please contact Karla for more information on the accessibility of the site and facilities.
10) I own a cabin on Gambier. Can I just come for the days?
Yes that would be fine. Contact Karla and we would sort out your cost for the camp.
11) I’d like to bring my baby, is that ok?
That could be possible and it might be a little tricky. We could try to sort out an accommodation that would work for you. Please contact Karla and talk through what the days are like and how you could try to make it work for you and your baby.
12) I’d like to bring my 8 year old, is that ok?
At the moment, this camp is geared towards adults and we don’t currently have it set up to work for kids as well (we are working on that for the future)
13) I’d like to know more about what emergency services are available on Gambier. Can you tell me about that? Fircom is an isolated site however emergency services can be dispatched to site. In case of an emergency medical situation, the patient will be evacuated either by boat or by helicopter.
14) This year seems more expensive than last year. Why is that? Costs all around have gone up a little – just keeping up with increased costs!
15) I’m broke. Is there any way I can barter my fee?
There could be some limited possibilities of helping out with camp and reducing some of the fee. Please contact Karla if you have some ideas.



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